Governing Council

Governance at Mount Gambier High School is the responsibility of the Governing Council. Governing Council has a constitution and a code of practice to guide its decisions. The main focus of Governing Council is on improving student learning outcomes through cooperative action with school staff. Governing Council does not mange the school as that is the responsibility of the Principal and the school leadership team. Governing Council incorporates, where possible, student, parent and community values into the broad direction of the school. Governing Council develops broad policy statements that facilitate the achievement of the school vision and broad direction. All decisions of the Governing Council must conform to government policy, industrial agreements, DECS policy and direction and the school's decision making structures.

Governing Council has several sub-committees that assist it in its activities.

  • The Finance Advisory Committee oversights the development of the school's draft budget and ensures that the budget is directed toward achieving student learning outcomes. The draft budget is presented to the Governing Council by the Treasurer for final approval.
  • The Canteen Committee has the responsibility of management of the school canteen on behalf of the Governing Council. Paid canteen staff are employed by the Governing Council.
  • The Facilities Committee is responsible for the development and maintenance of the school grounds and facilities with a view to improving the learning and work environment for our students and staff.
  • The Parent Participation and Fundraising Committee aims to promote parent participation in school activities and student learning and to raise funds for the benefit of the school.
  • The Dress Code Committee assists the Governing Council in formulating the dress code. They undertake widespread consultation with all sectors of the school community before presenting recommendations to Governing Council for approval.

Governing Council has 23 members. This includes 14 parents, 2 community representatives, 2 student representative (the school captains), the Principal and 3 staff representatives. Parents are elected at the school's AGM in February each year for two year terms. The staff representatives are elected at the beginning of each year by the staff. Community representatives are appointed by Governing Council. Members of Governing Council for 2012 are shown below.

Governing Council Members 2012
ChairpersonDiana Lloyd
Deputy ChairpersonBronte Medhurst
SecretaryRod Sparks
Assistant SecretaryTo be filled
TreasurerBrenton Jones
Assistant TreasurerRobyn O'Brien
PrincipalPeter McKay
Parents and Community RepresentativesJulie Argy, Steve Bain (Community Representative), Sharron Bone, Joanne Case, Liana Harfield, Brenton Jones, Paul Jupe (Community Representative), Gina McDonald, Robyn O’Brien (Community Representative), Bill Sweet, Sheryl Vickery, Alison Whitehead, Brad Wilson-Smith, Amanda Wright
Staff RepresentativesKathryn Bennett, Samantha Brown, MaryAnne Fenwick
Student RepresentativesPerry Hill, Steph Newton

Subcommittees of Governing Council

CanteenJulie Argy, Sharron Bone, Bill Sweet, Amanda Wright
CurriculumRobin O'Brien
Dress CodeBronte Medhurst
FacilitiesPaul Jupe, Diana Lloyd, Sheryl Vickery
Finance AdvisoryDiana Lloyd, Robyn O’Brien, Brenton Jones
Parent Participation and FundraisingDiana Lloyd, Bill Sweet