Entrepreneurial Specialist School (ESS)

Mount Gambier High School is one of five Entrepreneurial Specialist Schools (ESS) in South Australia, delivering learning programs that will promote and encourage entrepreneurial mindsets in students. Opportunities are created for students to take up specific entrepreneurial experiences with programs and resources developed to help students pilot social and business ventures and form mentoring relationships with successful entrepreneurs and businesses, locally, nationally and globally.

Another fantastic initiative recently established, in a national first, Flinders University eNVIsion is now co-located on site, servicing business and industry entrepreneurs from the shared Collaborative Learning Centre.

Current year 7 students across the region are being invited to apply to be a part of the Entrepreneurial Specialist Program at Mount Gambier High School. These students will explore entrepreneurial solutions to problems in their communities, utilising emerging technology such as 3D printing, machine learning and virtual reality to be equipped with the knowledge on how to utilise their purpose and passion to drive their learning at school and influence their futures. Applications for the inaugural 2021 Year 8 Entrepreneurial Specialist stream program are currently open and any interested families should contact the school for further information.

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For more information on our Entrepreneurial Specialist School programs, please contact us.

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